Wooden Bach was created with the vision that good quality furniture should be attainable by everyone.

Wooden Bach is a beautiful ‘home’, designed together by 3 courageous Kiwi friends, bringing exceptional high quality, handmade, unique and ethically produced home furniture from all over South East Asia into New Zealand.

Asian Furniture
Wooden Bach

From the villages of Bali to the country sides of Myanmar, Malaysia, Indo China and the Philippines, Wooden Bach aims to provide a wide range of solid and beautifully crafted furniture ethically and responsibly.

Our furniture is handmade by locals and village communities using strong rich timber harvested only from government certified plantation of trees grown specifically for the furniture industry.

Our wide variety of styles range from the oriental flair to farmhouse rustic, traditional, industrial and modern chic. We can also custom made to order from time to time.

Let us help you express your own unique style, flair and pride in the place you call home. Together, our furniture, your story.

Kimberley, Adelina and Mary

Farmhouse Furniture